Another installment of Poetry Packed Out..

Have you ever felt like there’s so much going on in your lives and not a lot of time to get it all done? It’s like you have a standard you set for yourselves that you find difficult, even miraculous, to pull off without a hitch, well, that’s been my life so far. My life credo is that, even in the worst of circumstances, you can always make anything work. I tend to rattle it off like a bit of a habit, “I’ll make it work.”

Call it my artists’ intuition or my ability to roll with the punches (as best as I can anyway), but I do tend to pull almost anything off, even when people don’t realize what I have to do to make it happen. More times than naught, I’ve been successful and other times, not so much, but so long as the effort is there, then that (in my eyes, anyway) is all that matters.

A perfect example happened last week when a friend who was going to take my friends and I to a waterpark, was sick and had to cancel, so I decided to go to Hudson and make an unexpected trip in order to salvage the day, I didn’t know what I’d be doing there or what would happen, but nonetheless I made it work for me.  You can never really tell what’ll happen next, but if you leave your options open, 9 times out of 10, it all works out in the end.

I decided some time ago to write Juggle, a cinquain that sums those feelings, ones of tension, panic and pressure all into one short poem, which I share for your enjoyment:

By Brian Liston

Works, struggles
In life, work, play
To do many things at once to keep

Until next time, keep your options open, look ahead and, as always…


Shine on!!!

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