A simple wish….

As my birthday is a couple of days away and the days of summer are quickly coming to an end, I’ve been trying to come up with ways to make the summer memorable, even with working cutting into it as it can.

Last Friday, I decided to go to Columbia County as my unofficial kickoff of the Saugerties Artists Studio Tour which took place last weekend. One place that I always like to make a visit at least once a year is Olana NY State Historic Site in Hudson, whose website is: http://www.olana.org/. Pictures can seldom do it justice, it’s a place that you simply need to see for yourself, as the scenery alone is worth the trip.

Another place I went to which served as the kickoff for the Studio Tour, Opus 40 (https://www.opus40.org/) which is another place that I try to make a point of my summer get-away. I have friends that are on the Tour that I met this past weekend, friends like Mikhail Horowitz, Carol Zaloom ( http://carolzaloom.com/) Mikhail Horowitz, Barbara Bravo, Iain Hugh Machell, Tara Bach amongst many other great artists.
I always make it a point to support them at any chance I have, mostly because that the artists here are like an extended family, always growing; expanding and learning but never forgetting that the Hudson Valley is a wellspring of both creativity and inspiration.

I truly consider all of them kindred spirits, sharing in the same flame that we encompasses the arts in general: the flame of the creative soul, one that embraces each challenge and meets them head-on. With it being my birthday week, my wish is to join them one day, to be as successful as they are in what they do, I’d like to be successful in what I like to do: my poetry. My wish for everyone is for all of us to live in peace and understanding as well, but I know that it won’t come true unless we all work for peace, helping each other along the way and helping them all….

Shine On!!!


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