It’s Never Easy but it’s worth it…

Well, another year has come and gone…

Another year of sky high dreams, some successes and some losses as well, but nevertheless, the lessons, the growing pains seems to have been worth it, even as it’s been challenging.

My friends have told me how much I’ve changed ever since I moved to my current home, how much I’ve mellowed out, how hard I’ve worked to grow into myself now, especially how I have begun to balance myself between work and socialization, which I’m still working on today.

Another aspect that I’m happy to say that I’ve matured about is mending my bridges and keeping my cool in difficult and stressful situations. I’ve had curve balls, twists, turns and everything in between and even though it was stressful for me and it felt insurmountable, with the support of my friends and family (and a little bit of faith) , I was able to deal with every obstacle and I was made all the better for them.

My point in saying this is that if I can overcome many things in 2017, and if you’re reading this and you’re going through your struggle, I just want to let you know that you can overcome it, but it’s not going to come without hard work and sacrifice and hard work. Change, as I’ve mentioned in the past, is hard for anyone to deal with, especially when you’re so used to routine.

I want to challenge you for 2018: change yourself, challenge yourself, ask for advice if you need it; go outside your comfort zone and face your fears.

It will scare you at first, but if you trust me and yourself, you’ll come out all the better and all the stronger for taking that first step. I promise you that if you challenge yourself to change, to push through the nay sayers, those who don’t understand you and write your efforts as futile, then you’ll find yourself in a position to really have a great New Year and to always….

Shine on!!

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