Packed Out Poetry: Shining all the More..

At the behest of my wonderful friend, someone I respect in the local poetry scene, Mikhail Horowitz (who will be performing this weekend in Woodstock with his partner, Gilles Malkine, if you’re so inclined), I decided to expand more into newer forms of poetry in an attempt to expand my poetic arsenal and seeing what I could make of them.

So, with the weekend being a slow day for me, I began my search and after seeing many different forms, I thought of one that really shines like a diamond, like I hope we all do from time to time.

Literally, one of the forms I saw in my search was a form whose name means diamond, the diamante. It’s made from seven lines, each one either comparing or contrasting the subject of the poem, doing so in one half of the poem or the other half, so people see the beauty or hardship of the subject in question.

Looking at my first attempt, these aren’t bad for my first tries at a new form:


By Brian Liston


wishes, hopes

digs, strives, cries

Despite all that comes against, even it never ends

Learning, evolving, growing

in both springs; summers

is all worth it.

But, in light in recent events, and for a wonderful friend and treasure of the Hudson Valley poetry community, Donald Lev (which Mik will be performing with Gilles this Sunday in Woodstock at the Colony Cafe), I dedicate this diamante to Donald, something that is more needed in our lives, now more than ever:


By Brian Liston

-For Donald Lev, a treasured friend-


treasures, memories

survive, thrive, suceed,

All because we believe in it, even if other’s don’t.

Sorrows, joys, numbness

Feasts or famines

  Still, we perservere.

I hope you all enjoy these diamantes and do what diamonds do everyday….

Shine on!!!

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