What makes one a Champion..

There’s one thing that brings us together but also divides us, both as individuals and as a society. One event where one team wins at the expense of the other, one where cities are united in solidarity and are celebrating or mourning the result: The Super Bowl.

In my group home, I’m always happy to celebrate no matter which team is in the game, but I always find myself reminding my friends that a lot can happen in one play that can change the entire game. The reason I say that is not meant as lip service to any team: I say that because its words I’ve seen to be true many times before. A friend has told me that I know how to improvise and I’m flattered that my friend says that; such is not to say that it was easy for me to learn at first.

As a Spectrumite, learning to change wasn’t easy to do, but I learned empathy quickly, I was able to see the bigger picture more because I didn’t want to do anything that I’d regret, all because my parents asked me how I’d feel if what I did to someone happened to me? It was something I didn’t think of before then, but as I thought about it, it made sense for me to think about others..

But I digress..

I’d like to ask my readers this question, what do you think makes a champion?

The way I see it, a champion knows how to make changes on the fly, being flexible, a champion settles on his strategy but can also is flexible enough to change it when the needs change. A champion leads a team by their example, they walk the walk and doesn’t lead by just talking about it. They actuate and never dictate and never confuses the two. One should ask oneself which kind of leader that they wish to be?

Be the leader, of your life or of one group, you want to be; inspiring those around you to try to make themselves and you all…

Shine On!!


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