Packed Out Poetry: Or maybe I should say Stacked Out Poetry

This edition of Packed Out (or maybe Stacked Up) Poetry is for a great friend, the wonderfully wacky but Au-somely Atypical Jesse Saperstein.

I first met him at a Barnes and Noble as he was signing his first book, Atypical: Life with Aspergers in 20 and 1/3 Chapters in mid 2010. At first glance, he was well spoken, quirky and very much a dreamer in every positive sense. It’s those qualities that drew me to him as a friend.

As I was reading his books (his second one came out years later) I realized how alike we both are (and not just because both of us are Spectrumites.) We both have been through more than our shares of challenges and setbacks (monetary and social) but we both have bounced back, stronger than ever, helped by our respective friends and families. He’s already achieved a dream that’s the same as mine: being a published author.

This also translated into our Annual Vacations to Wildwood Crest with another friend or two. One place of interest was an old school arcade museum where classic arcade games were plentiful. One of his quirks, stacking plates so that the servers we had at various restaurants, is the basis for my recent poem, Stack, so without further ado:


By Brian Liston

-for his best friend, Jesse-


Life; work

Breakfast, lunch, dinner

All require flexibility and a touch of


If he reads this, (and I’m sure he will), I just wanted to thank him for his friendship towards me and being a role model for me and other Spectrumites like us, for helping us all…

Shine On!!


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