A plea for people with disabilities and staff…

Have you ever found yourself playing a role you never thought you’d need to play?

Well, to coin the words of Adrian Monk, when you’re someone with high-functioning autism, such a diagnosis is a “blessing…or a curse.”

Due to playing the role, I was expected to quell any arguments or to act as a go-between in conflicts with my peers, I always felt an obligation to set the example, since people would respect me. With that said, though, it was very hard in my position to let my guard down to others and to be myself with peers.  Even at my current home, I’m always asked for advice when it comes to dating, technology and other things.

And, that’s my story..

I share this story to show why I support not only the staff I work with, but all DSPs in general. Trying to feel like you’ve made a difference daily must feel exhausting, if my experience was any indication. The key is that we all strive to do better and as a wonderful friend has told me, when you do better, you are better.

That gets to another point I need to address: to be better people, we need to do better, we need more information literacy in general, with online applications for jobs being the norm, we need more opportunities to show what we can do. We need accommodations in order to do the job we want to the best of our abilities. By “we”, I’m mentioning both DSP’s and individuals with disabilities, we all need a better life to help us all….

Shine On!!


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