Packed Out Poetry: What is something that is needed but lacking?

Greetings from the Spectrum Side!!

I know that I’ve been long overdue for a post and I apologize so much for making you wait, but with my need for an attention for detail which could almost border on perfection, it’s hard for me to find the right thing to write about to the point where it feels like its ready to be shared.

That’s the thing about me that makes me feel (know, perhaps?) that I’m an artist at my heart and soul. The best always make things seem so easy, even when writing it seems so hard, but writing about it is the best way to find something great about yourself.  Most recently, the words that people describe are articulate, creative, kind, passionate and (by my own admission) emotional.

I’ve even have had the word “leader” thrown in several times, something that I’ve thought that I couldn’t be since leaders are painted with the stereotype of being cold and uncaring. Another thing that I fear of being a leader is that some leaders let power go right to thier heads, becoming tyrannical and manipluative by nature.

With that said, people have a habit of calling me patient as well, but there are times (especially in the past 2 years) where people have annoyed me to the point of me losing my patience with them, a folly that both thiers as well as mine. Recent events gave me time to pause about what patience means to me, what it means to be patient and how it can be a virtue or a vice.

That being said, I present the diamante I call, Patience:


By Brian Liston


Fortifies, strengthens

Creativity, self, courage

Abundant as it is, even it runs out

Together with rage, courage, passion

A Virtue or curse

All is on you.

Just a thought to close this post out on: Be patient; be kind to others since you may not know the battle the person you berate is going through. The kind words you share can make all the difference in the world and in the end, being kind and thoughful to others will help us all, you and them…..

Shine On!!


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