Perseverance equals Progress!!

This afternoon felt like a dream come true.. As my friend gave me a proof (a fresh but not final copy) of my first chapbook, Through Autistic Eyes, so many emotions, so many words were going on inside my head, but one word stood out from the pack.


10 long years of waiting, wondering and yes worrying, but it’s all paid off in my first chapbook, Through Autistic Eyes. My eyes and I have been through so much, grown so much I’m so many different ways, but one thing still remained unfinished. I had been published before, inside Chronogram (multiple times) in newsletters, papers and even an Anthology (Riverine: An Anthology of Hudson Valley Writers for the curious.) Even with all that success, something still felt out of place, like there was something missing from my writing resume.

Well, now it’s finally come true in seeing my first chapbook, one that’s been 10 years in the making finally become a reality!! This is a clear cut lesson that patience and determination can pay off, that dreams can be realized if you work hard enough. Just think, if I could do it, if Jim Henson, Mark Goodson and Albert Einstein can make their respective dreams come true, ask yourself what’s stopping you for being able to…

Shine On!!


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