Answer: It gives me purpose to my life…

That’s the short answer to the question I thought about ever since I watched the movie, Leap. It’s a tale of two French orphans who want to achieve their respective dreams. One wants to be an inventor, the other (the focus of the story) wants to be a dancer.

The question that clinches it is raised in the climax at the movie is one that gave me pause..

“Why do you dance?”

One way that I could change it for me is if the question became “Why do I write?”

I write in order to share my story; because our stories are an important part of our lives. I write my poetry in order to articulate what goes on inside my mind. I write to honor my friends, family and the people I consider near and dear to me. I write to be myself, free; creative and articulate. I write to make sure that my life matters, both here and long term.

My ability to solve visual rebuses has served me well in my life so much so that I often times considered myself the Autistic version of Alton Brown. The reason why might be attributed to the fact that I try to solve a rebus that I (and Spectrumites like me) know all too well: the ability to think in pictures in such a way so neurotypicals can understand. It can be a struggle at times but the struggle is so worth it.

So many people don’t realize how differences can be a good thing, but the thing is that they feel like differences (opinions, schools of thought, cultures, etc) are the things that divide us, but there is good things in variety, if life has taught us nothing else, it’s that life is fulfilling with variety.

Before going further, I feel the need to stress that the contrast between now and then. We are so lucky that our stories are being told with the help of social media. Fifty years ago, people with disabilities were put inside institutions and life was not great and morale was dismal, to put it mildly. Opportunities were non existent and what we have right now, the rights we have right now were considered luxuries.

Sharing our stories, our passions, the reason why we all do what we do is something that means so much right now, not just in this time in history but also in April, Autism Acceptance Month, a time that we can all…so consider the question, “Why do you do what you do?” and let the answer help you, as it does for us all..

Shine On!!

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