Packed Out Poetry: Melodic Master makes his entrance..

Greetings from the Spectrum Side!!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I’ve been really busy with the recently completed Walk for Autism that was just in the area, I won’t tell you all what role I played in this particular Walk, but I will soon; it was a great event nevertheless, I feel like it’s my way of leading by example and shining on from the inside out.

But I digress…

This edition of Packed Out Poetry is for a dear friend of mine, a fellow Spectrumite whom I met 10 years ago (give or take) and over the years, he showed me that being a Spectrumite is always a good thing even when neurotypicals don’t understand us.

Over the years, he also invited me to his 40th Birthday Party as well as accompanied me to our friend Jesse’s Birthday Party Over time, we’ve bonded over such things as The Simpsons, Big Bang Theory, the movie What about Bob? Another thing we’ve bonded over is our shared admiration of Billy Joel, commonly known as the Piano Man. It’s because of that bond and his friendship that I present this poem for my friend and our musical icon:

Maestro of Music

-to Billy Joel from a longtime fan-

Long Island

laments of Brenda and Eddie

Manhattan musings from Dodger.

Blues from Billy the Kid,

both the major,

minor keys;

highlights from the Hudson Line

got a lonely listener

through many a busy night

both the good and bad.

Those songs;

your creations

speak of love,


life in general,

getting your Second Wind

during life constant letdowns,

like saying


to an angel;

to someone taking their last breath.

To my musical idol as well as my friend, this blog is just my way of saying thank you for inspiring me, for being there for me and helping me (and others like us) find a way to…

Shine On!!!


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