Pride: Part You

I know I shared about pride earlier this year, but it’s something that I feel bears repeating to most of my fellow Spectrumites.

First, let me explain that the subjects I’ve shared so far are things that I go constantly in my own life. I struggle with self esteem issues, lapses of self confidence, speaking up when I need to just to name a few. I know how hard it can be to speak to others, let alone be yourself around Neurotypicals. I can only relate that experience to the movie Selena, which chronicles the late Tejano star’s life and career before her tragic end.

In one part of the movie, while contemplating going to Mexico during her music career, her father says that they need to be “more American than the Americans and more Mexican than the Mexicans.” The next line sums up the feeling we share when we mask whom we are, the bright, intelligent, quirky people we are: “It’s exhausting!”

With that being said, though, it’s time for us to be proud of the wonderful, the intelligent, the simply au-some people we are inside. The best thing we can do, Spectrumites and Neurotypicals alike, is talk to people that we can trust about our problems and our concerns. Who knows how many Temple Grandins, Albert Einsteins and Donna Williams can be discovered by disclosing who we are deep inside? Of course, that is a choice that I leave to you, my readers. That said, there are organizations ( and, just to name a few) that can support you and help you follow your dreams and help you….

Shine On!!

Packed Out Poetry: There’s Power in Pink

Greetings from the Spectrum Side!!!

I was tagged recently in a Facebook post due to a wonderful friend for a poem I posted for thier late mother’s memory, it’s a poem that I take great pride in creating and I consider the poem, Gentile Pink, one that’s very powerful and poignant considering the muse and her life.

Allow me to elaborate: the late Mother’s family have been, then as now, a constant source of faith in action and genuine inspirations to me in more ways than one. I know that, when I’m around them, I know I can be myself, no pressure, no mask, nothing to hide because they know me very well, my best friend is an elementary school teacher, as is his sisters, his brother and father were, then as now, coaches in multiple school sports teams.

The friend in question, Joe Defino Jr, is someone I’ve mentioned on my blog before but he bears repeating because his kindness is only second to something he lives in his daily life, his faith. He’s actually challenged me and makes me want to be a better person because of who he is: his creation Hope Rocks (which is happening on my birthday this year after a successful first year and who’s website is here: all stems from his compassion for others, specifically those who are dealing with addiction and suicide, all the more prevalent in current news. As a former Bartender’s son, who has seen the best and worst of life, it’s something that I try to plug every year, because I believe in his mission to help others, just like I try to do in my life….

But I digress..

His faith and his compassion was the byproduct of his parents, his father was a teacher and a coach, his late mother was a wonderful person, so strong in her faith that her husband was moved by it early in thier relationship, so strong was her faith that she was in the pro-life movement, something that her husband passionately fights for her. Her death was due to breast cancer and it only solidified thier faith in God and helped in the long run. All that was encapsulated in the following poem, her faith, her compassion and her zest for life was something that was passed on to her family, much like a gentle breeze, like the ending of the 1994 movie Forrest Gump, hence the title and tone of this poem:


Gentle Pink


-for the memory of Beverly Defino-


Gentle pink

wind calls out;

tells all that can hear

the broken hearted;

discouraged athelete

a sick person:

Even as enemies close in,

times when hope seems


promise me one thing:

That through it all,

to never give up.

My wish


all in need,

battling whatever comes,


heroic fight

with its ardious



all too well.




may seem


in world deluged in dismal news.

Those small things

done out of love;


mean so much

in the long run.



from all who love you


radiates itself

to others;


throughout life’s

peaks and pratfalls.


“Gentle wind,

those who get the message

say silently

as if in prayer

“We know

words so heartfelt

how much you care,

even now,

you inspire humble people

with your



precious jem

the gifts

we celebrate;


we will never forget

nor the memory you leave in us.”


May this poem help you all in times of need and help you all overcome all the bad times that come in your life and help you….


Shine on!!!


The Curing Caring Circle we Create..

It’s important for us to give back to our communities, Spectrumites or not, as we should give back and help others in their times of need, never seeking or wanting anything in return. It may be hard to do at times, but consider if the roles were reversed and ask yourself what you’d like done for you.

I’ve given back in my life for that reason, to give others hope, help, or even some inspiration. From my late College mentor, Larry Berk, to countless poets that have made me a better person, my co-workers, my friends and my family, they have all looked up to and inspired me in some way, shape or form. I feel the need to bring the same light that they all have given me, then as now.

That said, it’s important to take care of yourself above all else. I’ve discovered recently that, as much as I do for other people, I need to do as much if not more for myself and my own needs. There are times where I’ll just go inside my bedroom and just watch TV, or write poems or clean my apartment. It’s things like these, things I like to do and what I need to do to take care of myself, which is paramount to helping me function in the “neurotypical” world.

So I want to ask (or more like challenge you) with a question? What do you like to do to keep yourself happy? Whatever it can be, then don’t be afraid to go out there and do it to the best of your ability and never be afraid of whom you are, deep inside and let that passion help you..,

Shine on!!