Poetry Packed Out: What fuels us but drains others? Thanks

A recent poem of mine was just recently accepted in a local arts magazine, which as a staff who looked at it told me, “requires multiple reads” to really absorb its message.

Upon doing so, I see how wise and accurate the poem is; how deep it is in the long run. I wrote the acrostic “Powers” as a way to show others how power can be overwhelming in some cases, but also can be used to corrupt those who have it. Countless video games, movies and even politics show that struggle in the real world, but I never really delved into it before this poem.

In my life, I’ve seen power make people feel overwhelmed by it, how it can corrupt, but I’ve also have seen (and read how) people use their power, their inner strength, their resolve to overcome challenges and make others better and feel better about themselves. I guess that’s the reason I never sought power, because I’m ill equipped to handle it without checks, which inspired this poem:


Pressure comes from the responsibility that can

Overwhelm; drown those ill-equipped for the flow that

Washes over them. The struggle becomes daily battle over time as

Empires have fallen due to imbalance, instability,

Rescuing poor; helping themselves? The struggle consistently

Saps weaker souls; yet strengthens communities.

So, for those who seek power, seek it wisely and use it only if needed, not to oppress but to help people express themselves and let everyone…

Shine On!!!

Spotlight on a Superkid

I know it’s been a while since I last posted (for which I’m sorry for) but it’s not without a good reason.

Last Saturday was the culmination of a dream of mine as a writer, my first book signing at Woodstock’s notable bookstore, The Golden Notebook. Honestly, I can’t imagine my first book signing being in any other town than Woodstock, considering my strong ties to the town that has a strong arts connection. I got my writing start in Woodstock in the Year 2000, my late mentor was buried at Artists Cemetery and every time I go, I leave full of inspiration because of the various scope the arts have on me.

One could say that it was fitting for my first book to debut in Woodstock…

It was a good sized crowd for the space we had, but it was the group that was there that made it a great event. There was a book signing and I had the opportunity to recite and explicate my poems, mostly how they came to me. This was a completely different experience than I ever had in book signings in the past, where usually I was in the audience listening to literary masters read and answer questions about their own work.

This one was different, it was me as the main eventer.

Like I mentioned before, it was a good sized crowd for the space and it’s a place I can highly recommend to my author friends and book lovers alike. This post is mostly a thank you to the owners of the Golden Notebook especially Jacqueline Kellachan for opening her space to me. Thanks also goes to my great friend Gabby Baker for her snacks, as well as Jim Peppler for taking photos of the event. You all are examples of how you can make a Spectrumites dream come true, giving all of us hope that our dreams can truly…,

Shine On!!

Being Open…

The hardest thing one can be in daily life is being open about your life, being open about your victories and your pitfalls. Even as can be scary to do so, for fear of the consequences, the struggle to answer your critics can be overwhelming for even the most experienced person, Spectrumite or not. From day one, I’ve always been open about me being a Spectrumite, even as I’m aware of the struggle for those who decide not to disclose.

That said, though, there’s more that people may not be aware of whom I am, even friends that know me to be an optimist by nature, who is creative and kind. I’m not afraid to share my demons on my blog, if I need to do so, if it can help others in need, i’m not afraid to share the help I’ve gotten, but need to preface this by saying that just because it worked for me, it might need different things in anyone’s circumstances. Everyone’s different so that means that what I write about this isn’t a “one size fits all” deal.

But first, some context is in order, I just came back from a friend’s funeral and my friend’s Mom told me that her son dealt with drug abuse which was compounded by very bad bouts of depression. It, honestly, hit home for me in so many different ways mostly because of the fact that I personally deal with depression and it’s not something that easy to talk about openly, so I figured that this is as good a time as any to do so.

I’ll go into detail only if needed, since there’s a lot to cover and so much that’s unknown when it comes to depression, it could be personality, societial expectations, but the one thing I wish to say about depression is that it’s okay to talk about to anyone you trust, friends, family, co-workers, so long as you trust them. You’re not a weak person to do so, because talking about your problems and your life can help you find solutions to them. Another thing I need to say about depression is that  You are important, you are unique and you mean so much to others, perhaps moreso to those who care about you and your well being. If nothing else, I hope you know that much, it may be hard to believe, but trust me when I say you mean so much in the world. If you need more convincing that there’s hope, then late this month (on my Birthday, in fact) Hope Rocks will be having its second annual festival, founded by a beacon of hope, not only for his community but for myself personally, Joe Defino. The Website is listed here and I really hope you consider coming: Www.morserocks.com

Hopefully, you can be hope for the world, or can find hope in your darkest time and find your own way to..

Shine on!!!