Spotlight on a Superkid

I know it’s been a while since I last posted (for which I’m sorry for) but it’s not without a good reason.

Last Saturday was the culmination of a dream of mine as a writer, my first book signing at Woodstock’s notable bookstore, The Golden Notebook. Honestly, I can’t imagine my first book signing being in any other town than Woodstock, considering my strong ties to the town that has a strong arts connection. I got my writing start in Woodstock in the Year 2000, my late mentor was buried at Artists Cemetery and every time I go, I leave full of inspiration because of the various scope the arts have on me.

One could say that it was fitting for my first book to debut in Woodstock…

It was a good sized crowd for the space we had, but it was the group that was there that made it a great event. There was a book signing and I had the opportunity to recite and explicate my poems, mostly how they came to me. This was a completely different experience than I ever had in book signings in the past, where usually I was in the audience listening to literary masters read and answer questions about their own work.

This one was different, it was me as the main eventer.

Like I mentioned before, it was a good sized crowd for the space and it’s a place I can highly recommend to my author friends and book lovers alike. This post is mostly a thank you to the owners of the Golden Notebook especially Jacqueline Kellachan for opening her space to me. Thanks also goes to my great friend Gabby Baker for her snacks, as well as Jim Peppler for taking photos of the event. You all are examples of how you can make a Spectrumites dream come true, giving all of us hope that our dreams can truly…,

Shine On!!


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