Poetry Packed Out: What fuels us but drains others?

A recent poem of mine was just recently accepted in a local arts magazine, which as a staff who looked at it told me, “requires multiple reads” to really absorb its message.

Upon doing so, I see how wise and accurate the poem is; how deep it is in the long run. I wrote the acrostic “Powers” as a way to show others how power can be overwhelming in some cases, but also can be used to corrupt those who have it. Countless video games, movies and even politics show that struggle in the real world, but I never really delved into it before this poem.

In my life, I’ve seen power make people feel overwhelmed by it, how it can corrupt, but I’ve also have seen (and read how) people use their power, their inner strength, their resolve to overcome challenges and make others better and feel better about themselves. I guess that’s the reason I never sought power, because I’m ill equipped to handle it without checks, which inspired this poem:


Pressure comes from the responsibility that can

Overwhelm; drown those ill-equipped for the flow that

Washes over them. The struggle becomes daily battle over time as

Empires have fallen due to imbalance, instability,

Rescuing poor; helping themselves? The struggle consistently

Saps weaker souls; yet strengthens communities.

So, for those who seek power, seek it wisely and use it only if needed, not to oppress but to help people express themselves and let everyone…

Shine On!!!


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