Poetry Packed Out: A Treasured Tribute to a Fallen Poet

I’ve always been one to consider quality over quantity in my blog posts, wanting to focus on the details since it’s part of my Autistic tendencies. That said, in light of the tragic shooting in Pittsburgh, I thought that I might dedicate this edition of Poetry Packed Out not only to the victims and their families but also to a recently deceased local poetic treasure: the late Donald Lev, whose biography I’ll let the great people at AlbanyPoets.com explain: https://albanypoets.com/2018/10/donald-lev-1936-2018/.

I can only speak to my own experiences with Donald but I can say that there was an expression among the local poetry scene: “Don’t go after Donald Lev, he’s a genius” and after hearing his work, it’s not hard to understand why. He had such a quick wit, was always wanting to help other poets get published, most prominently in his Home Planet News, http://homeplanetnews.org/AOnLine.html.

Another thing he did was listen to all the poets, drinking in; absorbing every single word like it was fine wine. He was a cab driver for a while, which much like a bartenders son, might have something to do with his wisdom and his ability to listen to others. My only regret is that I didn’t know him as well as my poetic compatriots and I can only hope to be an equal in some way, which is where this brief haiku comes into play:


-for the Memory of Donald Lev-

Bravery becomes

Us all, even as we age.

You were like fine wine.

Let’s treat each other like we deserve to be treated as a treasure that deserves to always….

Shine On!!


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