Poetry Packed Out: A Light in the Darkness

Speaking from personal experience, depression can be devastating, crippling and hard to combat, without the right support group to help you cope with it. Therapy can help, but having to cope with it can be hard to do, especially when you feel that you’re not worth the good things in your life, that you’re important, that your enough for others.

My friend Jonah (ShonenJonah on Youtube) describes his battles so well, which I highly recommend you check out. He describes it in his own way, explaining how the singer of Linkin Park, the late Chester Bennington, and Linkin Park changed his life by their music.

That’s how he deals with depression, poetry (as well as volunteering) are my ways of dealing with it, hence the reason for this recent diamanté. I would be remiss if I didn’t recognize the efforts of countless teachers, counselors and friends, especially my friend Joe Defino, whom I’ve mentioned here before in my Hope Rocks post, both of the people were the inspiration for this diamanté, entitled Depression:



Dark, cold

Worthless; rusted, unloved

An uphill battle only won when linked, United

Sharing, crying, shining

Light, hugs


With the right support, which one can find anywhere if you know where to look, you can be that light, bring that light to others and help them, just like when you needed it, to…

Shine On!!

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