A Wise Piece of Perspective..

Have you gone somewhere and dealt with a lifestyle you thought you’d never deal with ever again? Forgive me for sounding like comedian Tom Papa but in this case, I have.

This weekend is Christmas in the Village in Saugerties and it’s been very relaxing for me walking the streets that are usually filled with cars, passing to and fro (aside from several Fire trucks decorated with Christmas lights, sirens and all, that was overwhelming for me, as it can be for many Spectrumites.)

Getting back to my story, I was having dinner at a Packed Mirabella’s, with people watching and cheering football games, which made me give pause to my former life. Full disclosure, I was a bartender’s son, so having noise like cheering and fights at times were a way of life for me.

Another aspect of this was listening to others problems, which is something that my brothers and I deal with as well. It can be well described as Adrian Monk said in the TV show Monk, “it’s a blessing and a curse” as people ask you to listen to all the problems they have feeling like you have the answers to them, even when you honestly don’t have them. It can honestly be a lot of pressure but it’s a cross I’ve learned to bear.

That said, the bar business brought communities together in times of celebration or woe. It was the epicenter of ideas in our communities, where people can talk and bounce ideas off each other. More than making people feel like you’re a part of a larger group, a bar can make you feel at home, like you were with family.

I bring this up to compare my former life to my current one. Even though I sometimes need to be alone and find out whom I am at times, my former life compels me to help others, I guess it’s just in my nature to do so.

Another thing to note about this is that Christmas in the Village is more than the lights, the sounds and the weather, it’s about a community coming together, be we families, friends or anywhere in between. The song “We Are Family” comes to mind when I think of my hometown, as I’m sure the same can be said for anyone anywhere. It’s important that we nuture and support each ithet’s talents so we can all help each other, either during the holidays or year round…

Shine On!!!

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