We’re all a little-diddle like Neddy-eddy!!!

If there’s one character I identify with on the long time sitcom The Simpsons, it can only be Ned Flanders. We’re both so positively optimistic, are both full of our hopes and our faith, but the one thing that I’ve noticed recently about us is that we all like our routines. We all have our routines I imagine to make our morning, our evening, our lives just right much in the same vein of Goldy Locks.

One recent story had me at my local Dunkin’ Donuts where I had planned to mix up a bit with something different, only to find out that the employee there (with whom I have a good rapport) had my standby drink all ready to go. I couldn’t help but laugh a bit then as now, but it highlights something that’s crucial to the success of us Spectrumites.

We thrive on doing things over and over again, we crave what others might think is mundane. We know our strengths and we know what we can do very well, if left to our own devices, if we’re left alone. We don’t do well with changes, or if we do, there’s bound to be a struggle, to be frank about it, as we try to learn the new skill being taught to us. We tend to get things in our own way, much like Julia from Sesame Street.

It can be frustrating for us to try to mask whom we are, so the question should (needs to, perhaps?) be, where can routine fit in how we learn new things?

That question needs to be answered on a case by case basis, but it always needs to be done in a compassionate matter where a person can be given the benefit of the doubt. Make no mistake about it: we can learn and we want to learn, but we may need compassion and understanding to help us master new things so that we can all…

Shine On!!

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