Poetry Packed Out: Will someone please think of our Malls?

Is it just me or is it just my nostalgia that wishes that malls could thrive as they did in the past?

The mall I see, barren storefronts, walls replacing them, a ghost town to be blunt about it, wasn’t that way when I was growing up, where arcades were commonplace, stores, shops and restaurants were plentiful and more importantly to me, a community came together and put differences aside for each other.

Ok, maybe I’m being a little Pollyanna here, but I paint that picture because it’s s far cry to whet malls are now (and what they can be still.) I spent many a day in stores, dragged into stores and wearing itchy clothing hoping that one was just right. My only oasis from the chaotic situation was the local arcade, where the classic game we all knew and loved were cutting edge.

It was a sad, tragic perhaps, before and after, but it was in that spirit that inspired the following ode, which is a poetic form I’m not used to doing, but I feel it imperative to expand your horizons. I need to thank my friend, the poetic diva, Cheryl Rice, whose blog is posted in the following link: http://flyingmonkeyprods.blogspot.com. She has always been a supporter of my poetic exploits and someone I consider a member of my poetic family, so without further ado, an Ode to a Mall, which she herself called “lovely”:

Ode to A Mall


-for my friendly poetic Diva, Cheryl-


O, If these walls could talk, show emotion

Bare stores alone could cause melancholy commotion

Wishing, hoping, praying for inspiration

To overtake everything, town, city, state and nation,

To show that they aren’t forgotten relics in time’s evolution,

Memories turned into action, sparks rebirth; revolution.

Wishing long lost smells, gossip, chatter from bygone days,

Walls want to change in so many, vibrant ways

Shockwaves signal shift, leaving people to wonder “Why, what

Stores will come, go, to give live, hope, breath to windows shut?”

From bookstores, restaurants, latest trends, when will it all crumble,

Fall from grace comes full circle, as communities all upturn, tumble.

May our past and present collide yo make an even better future and so make all of our collective dreams….

Shine On!!!


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