Not a question of “Where”but “Whom”

All Spectrumites have subjects that they know everything about, poetry, fashion, musicals, TV shows, you name it and if it’s part of the Spectrumites obsession, chances are very good that they know about anything new on them before you knew it was there in the first place.

Even from my childhood, game shows have always had a hold on me, I just enjoy them so much. I don’t know what it is exactly, the gameplay, the audience, the strategy, knowledge or learning new things, maybe the sets (the classic 1980s game show, Press Your Luck, for example) but whatever it is, game shows have always given me something to look forward to. It’s gotten so much that I use games in a Literacy Program I champion for, where it’s not about me, it’s primarily the learners, or players, that learn a lot from my rotation.

One such notable game was from the early 1990s, the trivia and geographical game, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego, from PBS. From the gameplay to the music, Carmen (the game, not the opera, a taste of things to come) always held my attention for the premise, finding out where a certain criminal in Carmen’s game was going to, finding the loot, warrant and crook (all in that order) and finally a fast paced quest to a certain continent to finally capture Carmen. Another thing that could always brighten my day was the group Rockapella, who did Carmen’s theme, even to this very day, it’s a highlight on my playlist, the song was just iconic.

This review is about the recent reboot of Carmen that’s currently on Netflix and I have to say that as a fan of Carmen, it’s very refreshing to see her in an updated look, same red fedora, same red trench coat, but the series focuses on the Carmen the person, not just as the master thief. The first two episodes focus on her backstory and what made her do what she does and why it’s important to her.

Recent series like My Little Pony, Voltron, She-Ra do this and it’s really nice to see series like this that give us actual backstory, not just stories coming without an investment in the characters involved, it’s a quite refreshing change of pace and it’s a trend I’d like to see continue.

But I digress..back to the chase.

Several characters make a difference in the story (no spoilers) and there’s attention to detail that I really enjoy, in the second episode, they actually use the theme for the unrelated 1994 Fox animated series. They focus on countries and facts of said countries, which is a mainstay of the franchise in general, as are the names of the thieves working for VILE. It’s just so well written and just goes to show what a great future Carmen has. It’s a wonderful show which I highly recommend to all my readers.

So for now, I vanish into the shadows to watch as my favorite thief (and all people, really) can help us be at our best and make us all..

Shine On!!

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