Purging the Urge

There’s always reason to doubt, to stop believing that what you’re doing is right; just, that what you believe in means something. There’ll always be people, critics that say that your efforts won’t matter, that resistance is futile and that change won’t come. Be it fear, concern or worry, there’ll always be a reason to doubt.

But there’s also a reason to hope..

My dad said during one of our many conversations over the years that there was one thing that stuck in his head that my grandfather always told him about being happy for what you have, I consider it a jem of a saying (fitting since both came from Limerick, Ireland, but I’ll have more to say on that next month) and something that I find wise. He always said that “I always thought I was bad off not having shoes, until I saw the man that had no feet.”

Wow, that is profound, especially in our culture where getting the most or being the best goes over being happy for your blessings, for your light, for your hope.

That’s not to say that it’s easy to do in real life, life is a constant struggle, a battle between good and evil, hope and despair, but it’s in these times where faith can help to deal with the demons in your life. in order to purge the urge to doubt yourself, which I’m pretty sure, Spectrumite or not, have a tendency to do.

So, let’s make Purge the Urge our mantra for change, for changing our habits, our quirks, our hopes for the future and make doubt, hopelessness and despair a thing of the past. Let me be clear on this: I’m not writing this to preach, but to encourage each other (especially on Valentine’s Day, not exactly the best day for single people) to keep up our faith, our light in the light of our darkest times, so that we can all..

Shine On!!

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