Letters for Lent: A Prodigal Lesson

(Writer’s note: Please note that this post was written on Wednesday, February 20, before I practiced my Lenten observance, one of which is being absent on social media, but the message remains relevant)

I’m sure we’ve all heard of the story of the Prodigal Son? It’s one of the stories in The Bible that everyone’s heard of, either the story, the expression or both, it’s something we use to explain how someone returns to an old way of life after so long in a world of self-indulgence, of riches, a life that seems like worlds away from where a person left.

If not, here’s the Cliff notes version:

Two sons are working on their fathers farm, one wants to see the world and gets his share of his fathers inheritance and does just that. Both the money and experiences are fleeting and at the end of the day, a plight comes and next thing the son knows, he’s working and sleeping with pigs. He wants to return home as a servant but his father sees him from a long way off and throws his arms around him and gives the son a party that could rival anyone’s Sweet 16 Party.

The other son, seeing (and hearing of) the party in question is mad and tells his father what he’s done for him over the years. The father reassures him that he appreciates it but he’s also happy that the other son had returned, since he feared him as dead.

The rest of the story is up for interpretation and it’s better for that because it allows us to make us question what we would do in thier position, do we side with the Prodigal Son or the Other Son? If it were written today, the story would be hard to see, although The Basketball Diaries puts the story in as good a context as it can. If you saw your friend become an addict, what would you do, would you enable them or try to help them stop?That’s pretty deep and it shows how much God cares about us, as the Father in the story.

Recent events regarding a late friend of a friends family have made me feel like the second son, even when I’ve been on the other side of the fence, but in the grand scheme of things (as well as the point of the parable) is that we need to look at all of us as precious people in God’s Eyes.

Why, one may ask? It’s only because then we can all really see the beauty that’s in the world today, a world that’s kinder, more considerate and more capable of seeing us all…

Shine On!!!

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