Poetry Packed Out: When a Memory arrives….again!

It was 20 years ago this week when I graduated from the hallowed halls of Saugerties High School. In that time, I discovered my love for poetry, something I still have with me to this very day. I also learned some tough life lessons, made wonderful friends and had made memories, both good and bad.

To that end, I wanted to mark the occasion with something special, hence where this poem comes into play, I decided to use Semisonic’s song Closing Time because I felt it fitting to the time I was leaving high school and it seemed apt to use because of that. I was thinking of the journey that we, my classmates and I, had taken to get to this moment. I really wanted to highlight the hardship of what we dealt with, but also to give hope; to let my friends know that we weren’t alone, then as now. So, without further ado, my Graduation poem:


A New Beginning


-To all Graduates-


Every new beginning comes from some

Other beginning’s end.

-Semisonic, Closing Time



Clearly the end of an era

A double edged sword

Just thinking of it

Gives one mixed feelings

Excited for the adventure,

Yet scared of the unknown.


Countless questions arise which only time can tell

And time and life might throw a curve or two

But if you believe in yourself, there’s nothing you can’t do

Whatever the case may be, no matter what,

Whenever you at the highest high

Or the lowest low

We, your friends and family

Will always be

With you.


The message that I wanted people to take away from this poem is that even though life is unpredictable; random and messy, that you are not alone, just know that you are loved and respected by your friends and family; believe in your power to change the world and never be afraid to let others, like you, always….


Shine On!! Congratulations once again!!!

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