Poetry Packed Out: Making Sense out of Madness

Let’s face facts, readers, life is a wild, wild ride. It’s a ride full of twists, turns, unexpected accidents, rough roads and sunny skies, as I mentioned in my last post. It can feel crazy, zany and unpredictable, where nothing is really certain. Just when people think that they know all the answers, as the late “Rowdy” Roddy Piper would say, life changes the questions.

Life can be difficult, dealing with multiple emotions, ones like joy, sorrow, anger, envy and every emotion in between. It’s hard to suppress what one really feels, not wanting to rock the boat too much, wanting discontent over conflict. Such times are not possible, especially in our culture, one where our world is full of despair, greed and sadness.

That said, it’s how one deals with them that determines the person they want to be. It’s all about circumstances and consequences in the long run. I know that it may sound simple, but finding that balance can be a bit of a challenge, or juggle, as my latest cinquain describes.




Works, struggles

In life, work, play

To do many things at once to keep


To those who feel overwhelmed by what life gives them, just know that you are not alone, it may feel that way, but you aren’t alone.

You matter, your life matters, your impact matters, no matter how small you might think it is. That said, there is a need for balance, helping others as you help yourself, it won’t be easy to find, but when you do, I assure you that the journey will be worth it. So, don’t give up on yourself or anyone else, but find the balance within yourself and you’ll always…

Shine On!!

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