The Advent Hope: Be Light, Be Hope!!

Well, here we are, my readers!! We’re here at Christmas!!

The focal point for the Christmas season is about light. Jesus came into the world by the light of the northern star, who that directed The Wise Men to Him and His Holy Family. Light was a miracle in the Chanukah story, since the Jewish people only had enough oil for one day, but lasted for eight days.

Maybe, I’m skimming over the holidays, but I do so only to prove a point: that the Holiday season is all about life and hope for us all. This season is not just about seeing light, but being a light for others. If ever you needed to see why our light matters, just look at the television or read the news. There’s so much bad news out there that it’s hard to see the light in this dark world.

That’s where we come into play.

We can be light to others, we need to be light to others, we need to be open to others about our stories and our problems so that they can see them in our stories. We can offer help to those in need and we should.

Just think of what we could do if we could join our light with others, all the problems like depression, suicide, addiction could be dealt with more easily with others, rather than feeling that you can do it alone. I’m not saying that it would be easy to do, but it is something to consider.

So, don’t hide your light but let it shine, let others know about your problems; your flaws and don’t be afraid to be yourself. Only then can you really live and inspire others to follow your example and really learn to…..

Shine On!! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

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