#Throwback Thursday: Party Pooped!

What do babies shouting, people talking and unfamiliarity have in common?

They all can be found (in droves, at times) during social gatherings, those impromptu engagements that can confound Spectrumites and NTs alike. Even to this day, social situations, especially new places and people, are daunting, too much of which can be like an old school pinball machine going “tilt” because it gets rocked too much.

Small groups are all right for me; but huge gatherings can be tough for me to navigate through without familiar people there to support me. Such was the case with my sister in laws surprise birthday party.

It was a great party all around, all set up my older brother and my sister-in-laws family and it was a nice party overall if not for everyone talking, which was a bit overwhelming to me, causing me to overeat and not pay attention to others, my needing to recharge by going outside.

These coping mechanisms are things that are build in to me, just like coping mechanisms can be built in or learned by other Spectrumites. Social situations for Spectrumites can be tough with so many variables to us to discern, body language, tones, eye contact among others. It can be daunting for Spectrumites to figure out the right response to the appropriate situation, even impossible to feels at times.

When we need breaks from social situations, it’s not meant to be rude, but it can be overwhelming at those points. We don’t ask for pity, passes or excuses, but we only ask for patience and understanding so we can learn, get better, avoid misunderstandings and give us all a chance to…

Shine On!!

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