2019 Word of the Year: Challenge!!

To say that this year has been an easy one would be hard for anyone to say, but for me, if I had to use one word to sum up my year, it’d be challenge. That may sound like a funny one coming as it does from a game show fan, but this really has been a challenging year for me, most of it comes from a financial problem I’ve had throughout the year.

Without going into any details, I was (and still am) working at my job, but the hours I was working got the attention of Social Security and basically, I was being cut on my food stamps because of it. To say that it was annoying would be an understatement, so I was able to eventually find a balance with it that still allows me to work, though with less hours.

That also goes hand-in-hand with another thing that Spectrumites like myself need help with, moreso than our neurotypical counterparts: money management.

We can be taught, but to be working and knowing that money is ours for the spending, along with those things we know SO much about can make it problematic, as it was in my case. Too much spending and no holding back made my house manager (and my family, by proxy) very concerned. The fact that my family has had a history of bad financial choices made the decision all the more necessary. After a lot of thinking, stressing and talking about it, I decided to reluctantly give my house manager control over my finances.

To say that it was needed would be apt, but to say that it’s been easy wouldn’t, to be honest, it’s been a real challenge for me. It’s forced me to deal with budgeting in a way I couldn’t before. That said, it was the challenge that I honestly needed, much as it hurts them as now.

That being said, I feel really hopeful,

I feel hopeful that this will be a good thing to learn, painful as it can be.

I feel hopeful that this isn’t a permanent thing and that I’ll get control back in time.

That’s not to say that it’ll be easy, but I look at this as a way for me to be creative in a new way, here’s hoping that I can make it work.

I feel hopeful in the fact that I’m not alone, though.

As we go into 2020, let’s look at our challenges as blessings, as obstacles for us to overcome and be hopeful that we can all breakthrough and, as always..

Shine On!!!

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