Word of the Decade: Evolution

As this year, and this decade for that matter, comes to a close, I am reminded of a quote from Dr. Emmet Brown from Back to the Future:

My God, has it been that long?

This decade has been eventful, both with its highs and lows, but such is like itself, I suppose. That said, if I can sum up my decade in one word, that word would be: Evolution. I know that could be said every decade, but in my case, it’s apropos because of what I went through in this decade.

I was weaker as I came into this decade, I was stagnant and I felt so hopeless, I felt like I could never relax, since I felt like I absolutely had to be “on stage”; Elsa’s words from Frozen were me during the start of the decade: “conceal, don’t feel.” That all changed on October 5, 2013, when I moved from my Mom’s apartment/business into a supportive apartment from the ARC Mid Hudson.

To say that I’ve evolved ever since would be a huge understatement, I went from making toast, cereal and bagels, to making oatmeal, French toast, chicken Caesar salad, hamburgers and fish and chips. I also did some baking, especially cakes and cookies. I was able to be creative in a new; unique way, one I didn’t know that I could be.

Another place that I evolved is emotionally, as I dealt with the demons that I had to deal with, I uncovered and dealt with several personal demons that I let console me in the past. I’m still working to deal with them, but one of them (depression) is an uphill struggle, one I daily deal with, but if I could say this, just know that, with support, it is possible to deal with it.

It wasn’t all bad though, as I finally finished my first book, Through Autistic Eyes, after thinking that it was all but over. This decade showed me that hope can pay off, no matter how distant it feels. I also learned a lot about myself and, for the first time in a while, I’m beginning to trust myself and believe in myself; that must be what Garak from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine told Captain Sisko in the episode “In the Pale Moonlight”, “I don’t know about you, but I’d call that a bargain.”

Another thing I took out of this decade is that I started The Autistic Super-Blog three years ago after a long time to think about it. After two years of figuring out blogging, I finished out 2019 with over 1,600 views, which makes me feel like this was a great decision to start blogging. So, I just want to say thank you all, my readers, for helping my blog have the year it’s had in its short life so far. I hope that next year is even better than before.

So, let us look to the future with hope, with optimism and the ability to make our world a better place, one where we can all…

Shine On!! Happy New Year!!!!

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