Preview of Coming Attractions!!!

Happy New Year to all of my readers, whereever you are!!!

I just want to say thank you so much for the progress I’ve made on the Super-Blog this past year, but I also want to say that, if last year was a good year, this year will be moreso, primarily due to new things I plan to do on the Super-Blog over this New Year!!!

First off, Letters For Lent and The Advent Hope will be continuing this year, since it was a joy to do on my end.

Next, Poetry Packed Out will be going on as well, possibly weekly but certainly monthly at the most. It’s something that I really enjoy doing, showing off my work like a proud parent for you all to read. It’s my hope that you all enjoy it.

Now, for something new on the Super-Blog: you may have noticed that I did my Predictions for Wrestlemania this past year. I want to do that again, but do that for all of the 2020 WWE Pay Per Views, starting with this month’s classic: WWE’s Royal Rumble. What it’ll be is a prediction card like I did last time, but I’ll publish it on either a Friday or Saturday evening at the latest. I’m still working on a title for this new project, so I’m open to any ideas.

As always, I’ll give my take on life events, doing my part to empower fellow Spectrumites who may seem down on their lives, hoping to do my part to help others and let them all know that they aren’t alone so they can…

Shine On!!