#Throwback Thursday: It’s Always been a Matter of Trust

Mary Poppins had it right when she said that some promises are like a pie crust: “Easily made and easily broken.”  Such is similar with a simple thing as Trust. Trust is a black and white thing, you either have it or you don’t. 

 The question that I was struggling with for a long time is what to do when trust is broken? This is the time where family, friends and faith become imperative to survival. It’s normal to panic and want for things to go as you would want them to go, but as I’ve discovered recently, it’s all for naught. 

 All you can really do is rebuild a different type of trust, self confidence, which means looking in the mirror and taking stock of who you are and what you mean to others. For all my troubles, all my problems, all the things that could put me down, I’ve realized that it all changes when someone calls me an inspiration not only to them but others, there’s no better feeling than to know that you matter. We all matter to each other, and that’s something that we all should see, both in ourselves but others, too.

Shine on!!!

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