The Power of Words and Actions

I’ve mentioned my Dad on the Super-blog many times before, so now, I’d like to go to something that my Mom has always told me when I’ve done something wrong: “Don’t tell me you love me, show me.” It’s been something that I’ve brushed off in the past, feeling that it wasn’t important, even though I knew it hurt.

I now see how brushing it off as I have was completely self centered of me, but I also see how wise my Mom is, especially in light of recent events.

I won’t bore you, my readers, with any of the details, other to say that I have “lived my life on borrowed wings” as the Late Charles Van Doreen said on Quiz Show. I lived a life of happiness all at the expense of helping my Mom, which I now regret.

This past week, I’ve been driving down to help her at her apartment in order to prove to my brothers that my regret and resolve to make things right is sincere. It’s been tough, but I don’t regret helping out my Mom if I can.

I only now realize the difference between actions, doing what you say, and just bluster. It may be a difference, but the impact that you make is tremendous, something which I can’t overstate anymore.

It’s a wise lesson for us all, hard as it probably will be to take; to help others. But it’s something that we should do, not just during the holidays, but every chance we can. Only then, can we be better people; we can make ourselves better and helps us all….

Shine On!!!

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