Switch: Triggered!!

Well, it’s that month again!!

February 1st, the start of a month where, granted, good things happen to people, but it just serves as a reminder to people like me what’s missing in their lives: romance, having a companion, knowing that love is there.

I’ve gotten better, slowly but surely, about being good to myself and loving myself for whom I am, yet the trigger is still there and it’s hard to ignore. I know that love does exist, but it seems like a long time ago and the pain of having that feeling seemingly ripped away without notice just makes it harder for me to deal with.

My friend, fellow Spectrumite and author, Jesse Saperstein, is a firm believer in not letting go, but instead employs incremental backing off, as a way to not seem so weird from blasts from the past where misunderstandings can fester into unhealed wounds. In all honesty, I’m inclined to believe him on that, since life can work in really weird ways.

I have been implementing his backing off strategy and it has worked wonders for me, but I know that the trigger is there. For those who deal with their own triggers, just know that you’re not alone; that your voice, your feelings and your concerns matter, for you and your others.

Just know that, as hard as those triggers may be, that support and love is there for you if you need it. May you take the help when it becomes available, because by understanding, by talking about it, can we be better and ultimately…

Shine On!!!

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