Humility: The Great Equalizer!

As I watch The President of The United States have a conference regarding his Impeachment acquittal, I’m reminded once again about how much power can corrupt anyone and everyone.

It’s probably the reason why I don’t talk about politics much, because it’s a pit full of vipers. That said, it is a necessary evil to deal with, especially now in everyday life.

But it’s also reminded me what’s needed in our society in general: the virtue of humility. Being proud of one’s accomplishments is one thing, but there’s something cleansing about having humility. It makes things seem more genuine, both the good as well as the bad. It makes power seem like a blessing because it will be used wisely, used to help others, not just a select few.

I’ve been told by my local self advocacy group that I’d be a great President, especially since I’ve already proven to be a leader. That said, I am very well aware of what can happen if power goes to one’s head, proven by the example of Mr. Pumpkin Head (fans of Miyazaki’s Howl’s Moving Castle I’m sure will get that reference!)

As for myself, I like to lead by example, don’t tell others what they did wrong, show them, but be open to others opinions. Communication is critical in this case, as frustrations could boil over if not explained. Better for things to be explained as they come, as it could distract from action, real action.

I’m very sorry to have turned this into a political post (especially since I’m not well versed in politics, personally) but this was something that I felt needed to be said, it also highlights the subject of humility.

Notice how I puffed myself up and talking about my leadership style; realize that as much as it can happen to those in power, it can easily happen to any of us, unless we stay humble.

I’m reminded of Star Trek character Zefram Cochrane’s quote in Star Trek: First Contact:

Don’t try to be a great man. Just be a man, and let history make its own judgements.

Wise words for us all, I feel, especially when it comes to humility, as your personality and your values tend to shine more than your accomplishments. It’s hard to do, but know that it can be done, as people like St. Teresa of Calcutta, John Fitzgerald Kennedy and St. John Paul II have proven over the years. Only then can we make ourselves great, really succeed and help others to…

Shine On!!

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