What’s Your Ability: Part Deux

If you remember, Dear Readers, that I did the above video several months ago, you all know that I was doing it to announce that The ARC Mid Hudson’s newest campaign. This campaign, called What’s My Ability? shared stories from fellow individuals and what we do in our communities.

Well, today was when my video that was filmed in my apartment was posted. I’m very happy with the message and I hope that it comes through for you all.

Thanks also to Lauren for doing this video and thank you all for helping see the good in us all and helping us to connect with others and, as always….

Shine On!!

An Ear from Hell

Well, Dear Readers, here’s a riddle for you all: Guess who has two thumbs, two eyes, and an ear inflection in one ear?

That’s right, it’s me and the last couple of days have been challenging, to say the very least. Many in my family know that I rarely get sick and it’s one of the things that I’m very proud about. So, you can imagine my irritation and shock when I found myself with an ear infection.

What made it worse was the fact that I could go to the doctor…on Juneteenth, when the pharmacy that my staff use is closed. That was helped by the medications needed arrived early yesterday.

If you’ve ever had an ear infection (and, really who hasn’t?) you know that pressure that comes with it and how much of a pain (pun very much intended, in this case) in the ear it can be. It also makes sleep a hassle because of the pressure.

Suffice it to say, the last couple of days have felt like hell. That being said, I’m on the mend, thankfully.

I guess that this post is to encourage those who suffer, to those who are dealing with isolation, to those who are lonely, that you’re not alone, that you’re loved and you matter, even your suffering matters, if not to you then for others.

So, keep on being you, keep on persevering, keep being strong and, as always….

Shine On!!!

(Repost) Poetry Packed Out: Love Standing Strong (again)

I know, Dear Readers, that I said that I’d give a break to Poetry Packed Out, but this poem which I recorded to SoundCloud was too special to ignore. 

The reason for this poem is because I wrote it for my brother’s wedding to my Sister-in-law. I felt that, as much as siblings will tease each other (and in fairness, I’ve done my share) this occasion was too special to not take seriously. 

During the rehearsal dinner, I was asked by a cousin to see if I could write a poem for the occasion. I scribbled down some notes on a piece of paper (or maybe a napkin) and, as I later told her, I’d “let these ideas simmer.”

The result was evident in the following poem, so I really hope that you all enjoy, never give up on love, and, as always….

Shine On!!

Unapologetically, Autistic!

Starting this week, Dear Readers, leading up to Autistic Pride Day, I’m planning to empower fellow Spectrumites, because in a world that looks at us as weird, misunderstood, and childish, we need our voices, our experiences to matter, if not for others, then for ourselves.

I feel as if it’s important for others to know that we are in the world, that we are important and that we matter.

I also know that there are Spectrumites who are hard on themselves, myself included. I know that we all mask our true selves, that we all hide our inner self in order to conform to the world around us.

We all have our special talents, our special interests and those things that matter to us. We all have family, biological or not, friends and a community that supports us and cares about us.

So, during this week, as well as beyond, know that you are enough, that you are au-some, that you are amazing and that you can find your path, your passion to help you….

Shine On!!!

A “Super” Sized “Sentai” Review

One of the things, Dear Readers, that I’ve been watching for the last decade is something you’ve seen with American footage and American actors and actresses in between the footage of (dare I say) powerful mechas, battles and villains.

From an American aspect, it’s been known as Power Rangers, but the original source, collectively known as Super Sentai. I have a friend of mine to thank for this, since he told me about it every chance he had. It was only later on that I finally checked it out and I’ve never looked back.

The characters are fantastic and have story arcs, the source material (like the things we might find comical in the United States) make much more sense, culturally speaking. There are a lot of examples I could give that I can see in my own life, like Kando Jan from Gekiranger and his “Jan-ish” language much like the way I use my game show lingo to friends who “get” me.

Another example comes from Shinkenger, Takeru Shiba and how he has to mask whom he really is for a role he’s playing much like I “mask” my real feelings to others.

Another example would be the Lupinrangers’ Kairi Yano, who does things in an unconventional manner, but it gets the results he needs, which mirrors my actions and how I do things as an artist.

Speaking of, that leads me to another recent example of a character that stands out to me, Juru Asuta, from Kirameiger whom is an artist who gets sparks of inspiration, much like I do when a new poem comes into focus. Those who know me know the sparkle in my eyes when I get an idea for a new poem.

These are only a few characters, but these are just some of many that stand out to me as strong characters which I bring up to give you all the impact that Super Sentai has had on me. I’m thinking of doing a post of all the Sentai themes that I listen to.

I might just do a similar post for its sister series, Kamen Rider, but I feel like doing a post like this is a good way to test the waters to something like this to you all.

So, find those characters that stand out to you, that inspire you to be whom you are unsure and let their example help you to always…

Shine On!!

Too Much of a Good Thing

Am I alone, Dear Readers, when I say that we’ve been spoiled by so many options in our lives? From Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and YouTube to so many games to play, it feels like a child’s paradise, the realization of our childhood dreams, right? Not that I mind it, of course, it reminds me of a scene in The Matrix when Neo and Trinity are shown an armory’s worth of artillery.

While that is true for the most part (and I’m quite happy for that, as much as the next person) another way to see it is kind of overwhelming.

Like sensory overload amounts of overwhelming.

I’ll give an example: a person I know loves the animated show ALVIN!!!! and the Chipmunks. Whenever the show is on, I can always know that he’ll be watching with plush replicas of the main characters on his couch. He’s so into it that he’ll do everything he can to make sure he doesn’t miss it.

Myself, I don’t mind it as much, so long as it’s not a marathon. I’ve grown to have the same love for ALVIN! that I have for country music: I like it, but only in short bursts, anything else can be overkill.

I won’t lie, it can be draining at times. This is where my being able to drive, being able to take a break can mean the most.

It’s the little things, I guess.

The thing I want to stress in this post, Dear Readers, is that it’s important to give yourself a break, to give yourself self care in times of stress and to be kind, to yourself if not to others.

So, please be kind to others, to yourself so we can all be better, to do better and help us all…

Shine On!!!