Q: This fan is making a “Buzz” for his game show cred, most recently on Jeopardy!

A: Whom is Cory Anotado?

A little backstory for this post, Dear Readers. Many people who know me know that I’m a game show fan and I’ll gladly support anyone or anything related to game shows, like the fabulous people from Tell Them What They’ve Won, a fabulous podcast I’ve mentioned on The SuperBlog many times before.

Another great group of people that I admire are the people from BuzzerBlog, who I’ve also mentioned on The SuperBlog before. These people are fantastic when it comes to game show news and trivia alike.

One of the people from BuzzerBlog, the aforementioned Cory Anotado was recently on Jeopardy as a contestant and the following article documents his journey, which shows how game shows, as well as the world, have changed during the coronavirus chaos. So I share it with you, Dear Readers, in that spirit:

The Day I Ate A Sandwich, Cracked A Joke, and Lost On Jeopardy! Again – BuzzerBlog BuzzerBlog | Your Game Show News Source

I just want to thank Cory for his efforts, both in Jeopardy! as well as the team on BuzzerBlog for all they do for game show fans like myself.

So, stay safe, stay strong, lock it in and, as always….

Shine On!!

Mikhail Horowitz, This is Your Life (again)!!!

The year was 1950.

The place was Brooklyn, New York.

There, on January 18th, around the day when Edgar Poe (or Edgar Allen Poe) was born, another poet was born, though in a different time, but he would make his own mark, all in his own way. That was when the poet I consider “The Godfather of the Hudson Valley Poetry Scene” was born, that person’s name is Mikhail Horowitz.

Known primarily as a prose poet, he’s been a modern day Jack of all trades, dabbling in performance and collages, all of which are handmade. His greatest work was his poetry book Big League Poets, in which he combined his two loves, poetry and baseball, and grafted Major Leaguers heads onto baseball’s bodies. (Satire or not, I think it makes a statement that one need not be great to be successful.

Since then, I should note, there have been many more, like Ancient Baseball (link: 8 Hudson Valley Books to Gift this Holiday Season | Books & Authors | Hudson Valley | Chronogram Magazineand his most recent work, Slapstick Gravitas (link: Slapstick Gravitas: Selected Spells, Centos, Lists and Other Poems – Station Hill Press

He also performs with his partner, Gilles Malkine, and does insightfully poignant, factiously funny and watered down classics in such places as the Woodstock Library, Rosendale Cafe, Union Arts in New Paltz and many other places lucky enough to get them, since they’re worth every penny (all 3 cents, lol.) In all seriousness, they are fantastic performers in by themselves or as a duo.

On a personal note, my friendship with Mik goes back several years, all the way back to my college years. Mik was (and still is) a well respected author and poet and he knew a lot of people in the community, especially my late mentor, Larry. He introduced us and he was one of many artists I got to know due to Larry’s influence. At the time, I felt so unworthy, Mik is a respected poet around here, I thought, I’m just a new kid on the block, a feeling that was amplified by Larry’s passing.

After I moved, I still felt that way about my skills as a poet, choosing to look at him as more of a celebrity than I was. Behind all that, however, was a very funny and appreciative person, whom really looked at me as an equal; a friend and it’s something that I don’t take for granted.

And it’s been that way ever since…both with him and his significant other, the fabulous Carol Zaloom, who looks at me as a adoptive son.

So, I realize that I’m kvelling when it comes to Mik, but all that is all genuine admiration and respect for someone I admire as a person and a poet. So, if he gets a chance to read this, I just want to wish Mik a very Happy Birthday, and thank you for being the person you are, helping us laugh and helping me…

Shine On!! Party like a Poet, my friend!!

(Repost) Don’t Walk with Me, but Get to Know Me

After a lot of thought on this, I’ve decided to let you all into my head (not literally, of course) and let you know a little bit more about me, especially on my Birthday month.

The problem for me was: How can I let you all in without it seeming pretentious or fake, so I took a page out of the Bravo television show, Inside the Actor’s StudioIt’s especially fitting since the annual Saugerties Artists’ Studio Tour is this weekend, so I figured that I’d do the same here.

To give you all, my dear readers, an idea of how this will work, I’ll use the questions that host James Lipton uses for Inside, which was itself created from the Proust  Questionnaire, which the French writer Marcel Proust used to probe into one’s personality. I hope that, in doing so, I’ll give you all a chance to get to know me, again without literally getting inside my head.

Just a bit of humor to get us started, so without further ado,

Q: What is your favorite word?

A: Adventure, specifically the Japanese equivalent, Bouken. Simply because I like to explore new places, new things, new forms of music and poetry. I like to branch out of my comfort zone, as much as I feel is necessary for me.

Q: What is your least favorite word?

A: Politics, mostly because of what it entails. Not to say that it’s a necessary evil, but at worst, I think of kids throwing mud at each other. While all that’s happening, nothing gets really done.

Q: What turns you on? 

A: Tasty food, a great personality and someone who understands me for whom I am, with all my flaws and my strengths.

Q: What turns you off?

A: Bossy people, those who feel like their voices, their opinions, are the matter the most. Those who feel that ignore others who feel differently without doing their research.

Q: What sound or noise do you love? 

A: The sythesier that’s present in the Billy Joelsong, All for Leyna, along with the calliope sound I’m Only the Good Die Young, but if we’re looking long term, then Press Your Luck‘s sound effect when a spin is in session (this link will let you hear the melody: https://youtu.be/9kfBdZtqN24.

Q: What sound or noise do you hate?

A: Anything shrill, like babies crying loudly, fire alarms, or anything random, mostly because there’s no time for me to prepare myself since I never know when it’s coming.

A perfect example is when I hear a fire truck, if I know it’s coming, I can plug my ears to drown the sound.

Q: What is your favorite curse word? 

A: Honestly, I’ve heard so many (as a Bartenders son) that it’s hard to find a favorite oneI usually don’t curse, as a rule, because I’ve been taught to watch what I say. But, if I have to, I’ll say that fuck is a favorite curse word, because I’ve heard it so often.

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? 

A world traveler, mostly so I can bring the flavor of what I see, what I learn to those people at home, or those who don’t have the means to do so.

Q: What profession would you not like to do?

A: A sewer worker or a garbage worker, mostly because my sense of smell is so strong that it would affect my ability to do my job effectively.

Q: If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?

A:Greetings, Brian, I know you’ve suffered enough, but I want you to know that it was worth it, you ran your race well, now you get rewarded for your journey. Your friends and family have been waiting for you.

Well, there you have it, I hope that helps you get into my head, give you an insight into the person I am; I hope that this helps you all see that the person I am here is whom I am in real life, if you have any questions other than these to ask me, please don’t hesitate to message me on the Super-blog.

Hopefully, it will help open up communication, not only here but in real life, where we can all….

Shine On!!

Standing Up in Mush

Fellow Spectrumites, stop me if you’ve heard this story before, but I feel that this story is important to bring up.

You’re given a new taste, or new thing to try and it doesn’t just resonate with you as it would your normal flavors? People say that you’ll like it, even reassuring your fears, but it’s of no use?

I dealt with that very situation last year when I was questioned about it by my stepmom. I admit that I enjoy French toast, but eggs, scrambled and otherwise….not so much. It’s the same with me and bananas or tomatoes, it’s just something that I don’t like, from a texture point of view.

It’s just tough when people don’t get the fact that certain things bug us, like tags on clothes for example, textures, attitudes, and anything else. It’s also just as tough to try to stand up for yourself and your comfort.

I’m still working on that, myself to be honest.

The point to this post is to say that it’s all right to be diverse within reason, but it’s also important to be true to yourself, to your interests, your limits as well as what you can handle, at all times.

So be brave, stand up for yourself and, as always…

Shine On!!!

One Can’t Be Told, But Shown

“Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself.”

Morpheus, The Matrix

It’s an extremely tough thing, Dear Readers. to explain to others what I’m dealing with on a daily basis. That’s possibly because no one knows the pressures I put on myself to do what I do, especially in the throws of this Coronavirus chaos.

People whom may not know the pressures you’re dealing with might think something’s “off” when in reality, you’re doing all you can to keep your mask on and keep things together.

There’s a well known saying in the Autistic community, that if you’ve seen one person with autism, you’ve seen one person with autism. I’d like to add. I’d like to add my own spin on it, there s a difference between knowing about autism and knowing about autism. Friends and family of fellow Spectrumites know exactly what I mean.

Imagine being on stage, playing a character that you need to learn to be successful in playing, you need to learn the nuisances, the quirks as well as the rules, the backdrop to said character and everything else that comes to it. The difference between stage and real life is that you can drop the act when you’re off stage, when the performance is complete.

That’s the situation that fellow Spectrumites deal with daily but it’s not so easy to know where the line between our character on stage and where our real personality is off stage. We learn how to behave in social situations, but it’s not easy for us because we try to learn to adapt, but it’s not easy to adapt.

Only people who really know us, that understand our quirks, our personality, our humor really see the difference between the two. Knowing the person behind the mask makes all the difference, helping the person and trusting our processes makes all the difference.

I felt that it was important to highlight the pressures Spectrumites deal with constantly, especially in the throws of the coronavirus chaos. So, I wish to appeal to you all to be kind to all you meet, please be considerate, that’s how we can all learn from each other and help us all….

Shine On!!